Sales Meetings and Events
Let's Make Your Next Meeting/Event One That Gets Results!
Aside from the fun, the networking, team-building, the charts and graphs, recognition, great food and drink... ultimately you'd like your sales pros to come back to their everyday world motivated to use the tools and education that they learned at your meeting, and then actually put it into practice to get more positive sales results immediately. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. In fact, it usually doesn't happen.

Let's ensure that at your next meeting your attendees say it was one of the best they've ever attended. And more importantly, a month later they will tell you about their success stories from using the new ideas, tips, and techniques to get through to, meet with, and sell to more buyers by USING what they learned.

I have presented at hundreds of national sales--and sales kickoff--meetings. And as a veteran of delivering over 1700 total sales training programs, I understand the dynamics of presenting at a meeting or event, versus a full-blown training. There is an art (no pun intended) and a science to knowing how to educate, entertain, inspire, and motivate so you get the result you want.

And, I will work with you to learn precisely what you want to accomplish at your meeting. (For example, what percentage of content/motivation/entertainment etc.).

Plus, I will address your industry, your products, your market, your sales process, your types of calls, your challenges, with your language.

My specialty is helping sales pros prospect without "cold" calling to open up more opportunities, and in using the phone more effectively in the entire sales process, for both inside and outside sales teams.  Together we will build the specific content areas for your program.

The first step is to talk to determine if there is a fit, and if I am available on your desired date. Just click the button give me your contact info and I'll give you a call.  I will respond within 24 hours--likely much sooner--on a business day.  

Or, if you're in a hurry, give me a call right now (I answer my own phone when I am in the office). If you reach voice mail, leave a detailed message and I'll call you back.
Call Art Sobczak at 800-326-7721 or (480)699-0958
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