Training for Individual Sales Pros
Training Course Options for Individual Sales Pros
If you are a sales pro looking for training for yourself, you are in the right spot. Or, perhaps you have not formally been in sales previously, but now are in a position where you need to to make sales and/or prospecting calls. We will help you do that confidently, conversationally, and get up to speed more quickly. These courses below, although similar, do accomplish slightly different objectives.
This is our most comprehensive course, taking you step-by-step through each part of the professional sales call, from the beginning, through closure. It's for the sales pro who prospects, and/or manages accounts. See complete information.
If you are an outside or inside sales pro whose main job, or training interest, is in proactively finding and closing new business, this is the course for you. You'll learn precisely what to do and say to get new business without "cold" calling.
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Every truly successful and serious sales pro needs to be proficient with LinkedIn, in all aspects, from your profile, to how you are connecting and interacting with prospects. This two-part course focuses on LinkedIn for sales, and then how to contact prospects and sell. See complete info.
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