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Here's How You Will Prospect Successfully Without "Cold" Calling,
or Rejection
...even if you are scared to death of picking up the phone

You will get the process, messaging, and script examples to get through, get in, and SELL to new customers!
 If you need, want or must have new sales, customers and profits, I’m going to show you how to do it quickly, and without the fear, failure, and rejection of the “cold” calling that everyone hates.

Even if you are scared to death of calling someone you don’t know, you absolutely hate hearing NO’s, or don’t consider yourself a great salesperson, you can prospect successfully. In fact, you won’t sound like a salesperson at all.
"Cold" Calling IS Dead
There is no doubt that “cold” calling is dead. Prospects are simply too busy and too sophisticated today to listen to salesy, cheesy pitches from what sounds like a telemarketer reading a script.

Instead, some people say that to get new business today you should use social media, get referrals, and use email marketing.

Well, those are all methods of marketing that are useful. I use them myself. But if you’ve tried them you know they take time, often cost money, and in some cases, the results are questionable—really now, how many people do you know who have landed a big account just because of a tweet?

The Calling Part is Very Much Alive
But,  calling for new business has made people rich, and despite what some say, is very much alive, and more effective than ever…

....but  only for those who know how to do it the right way, the Smart way, avoiding the common mistakes unsuccessful prospectors make over and over, causing them to fail.

In fact, calling for new business is the fastest, cheapest, and most personal and interactive way to get into lots of sales conversations with prospects you target, and want to do business with.

But again, to be successful in today’s crazy busy world where people can easily ignore you, and hide behind voice mail and screeners, you need to know the secrets of the top prospectors.

Smart Calling  Reveals Those Secrets!
 Smart Calling, quite simply, is first learning relevant, personalized information about your prospect, and then plugging that information into a proven process to get through to your prospects, create instant interest, and engage them in a sales conversation.

It really is a common sense principle,  and I’m actually shocked that more people don’t use it.

I’m changing that.

No one wants to listen to cold callers who only want to pitch what they want to sell. But, prospects willingly engage with people who can intelligently talk about the prospect, and his needs and unique situation. After all, it’s his or her favorite subject, right?

And if you’ve ever seen, heard, or have been forced to use hard sell, gimmicky prospecting scripts that make everyone feel uncomfortable, don’t worry… I hate those too. 

Even Former Cold Calling Cowards are Getting Results
I created Smart Calling so that even the person most petrified of picking up the phone can do it confidently, and get results.

Smart Calling is a method of prospecting that is based on my best-selling book, which hit #1 on in the Selling category on its very first day, and still is a top seller now in its Second Edition. That’s because people like you are using the process, and getting results.
"I used your formula just yesterday and I was able to get a thirty minute meeting with a high level Director at the US Chamber of Commerce.
I tied our business capabilities to my contact's 
initiative and asked for a meeting. She accepted without hesitation, we are talking on Thursday." 
Julie Burns, Elevate for Success

The Smart Calling Course

The Smart Calling Prospecting Course is comprised of 20 audio lessons that you can go through in your online Member's Area, or download the mp3 files to your device and listen anywhere.

There is an accompanying workbook/reference guide you will download. This contains the hundreds of word-for-word examples you can adapt. And you'll want to complete the exercises all throughout the program as you build your successful messaging.

Listen to one actual module from Smart Calling.

Here’s What People Are Saying:

Murray Cruise, The JDI Group

I have been a subscriber to many of Art's materials for several years. Art continues delivering nothing but the best information. Anyone who wants to improve the effectiveness of his/her calls and sales needs to get Smart Calling.

Gary Young, Patrick Products

I was extremely uncomfortable cold calling people. You have done so much to help my sales success and confidence.  I wish I had this confidence back in high school when cold calling the girls. I tell everyone I meet who is starting in sales to get your information. 
You Get Specific, Word-for-Word, How-To's and
What to Say Messaging
Lots of sales training tells you what you SHOULD DO… you should have a value statement, you should leave a good voice mail, you should get to decision makers, you should ask good questions… well, we all know what we
SHOULD DO… and if you’re like me you are left wondering, OK, I still don’t know what to say. Tell me.


Smart Calling gives you specific, tested, word-for-word examples you can adapt or use.

You get what-to-say and how-and-when-to-say-it examples through all parts of the call. You’ll get,

  • What to say to tough screeners and gatekeepers to get to decision makers.

  • What to say on voice mail to set yourself apart and create interest so your calls are not ignored. 

  • How to grab instant interest in the first 10 seconds with the prospect, getting you into a meaningful sales conversation with them.  

  • 24 “what NOT to say” mistakes that kill calls right away.  

  • What to say when you hear “I’m not interested” so they’ll stay on the phone with you.  

  • How to ask questions that put them in a buying frame of mind.  

  • What to send in advance if you want to warm up your calls.  

  • And, here’s a big one: How to never feel rejected again.

Bottom line, you will have what you need to confidently approach prospects, get them talking,and ultimately, buying from you.

"I'm amazed at the power of Smart Calling. As my sales increase and my prospecting time decreases, Smart Calling lets me build a great sales funnel. Another benefit is that most gatekeepers are so impressed with my knowledge that I get through to the right person 80% of the time, because I do not sound like everyone else. 
Sam Shenker, Associated Global Systems 

FREE BONUS: Personal Coaching from Art. $250 Value

I’m going to add a bonus for you. Would it help you at all if I personally coached you on what to say when you get a prospect on the line? Well, that’s normally reserved for clients that invest thousands of dollars with me and those I have personally done training with, but you will get it as part of your Smart Calling course.

I will review your voice mail or opening statement script and provide my comments and suggestions to help ensure you get the result you want. In my 33 years of listening to and reviewing calls, I know one or two words can make the difference between success, mediocrity, and failure, and I will apply my expertise to your calls. (Complete info on submitting your opening/voice mail will be included with your Welcome email)

How to Handle Resistance and Objections Video Training: $79 value

By ordering right now you will also receive access to the video training, How to Easily Handle Sales Resistance and Objections (WITHOUT Using Uncomfortable and Goofy Rebuttals).

We sell this training every day for $79 and you get it FREE when you order before the deadline.

Prospecting Openings and Voice Mail Case Studies and Makeovers:  $89 value

By ordering right now you will also receive access to one of Art's most popular features. His detailed breakdowns of a number of actual openings and voice mails from the field. He shows the before and after. You'll see what to avoid, and copy in your own openings and voice mails to get more YES answers and less resistance.

Your Investment

By ordering right now you will get the complete Smart Calling course and accompanying workbook, and my review of your voice mail or opening statement. For all of this value,     you won’t pay $600 we charge for other courses, and not even $400.

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You will be charged just $147! (Price good only until the countdown hits 0)

That’s right. That’s it.  I bet it won’t take too many new customers to get that investment back will it?

Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

If at ANY time after getting the Smart Calling Prospecting course you do not feel it was worth many times more than what you invested, simple let us know and we will refund all of your money.

It's pretty simple, you risk nothing.

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