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Training for Sales Teams

Training Options for Sales Teams

Here are the options for sales team and department training, and follow up.

Customized Onsite Training

Art will customize and deliver your training in person, at your location, or an off-site venue. From a half-day workshop, to a week-long program or more, he will work with you, your needs, time frame and budget to create your program, tailored specifically for your calls and sales model.

Art follows a detailed discovery and preparation process to create your tailored program. That includes the initial planning call with you, listening to recordings of existing sales calls, a thorough study of your sales process, market, customers, marketing materials and more. He also interviews some of your sales reps.

You will receive customized workbook materials that are used during the program, and afterwards for reference, and ideally are designed to be followed up on by you internally as part of your reinforcement.

Participants don’t just attend, they DO. Reps will work on their own calls, using their own prospects and customers, creating, refining and practicing their own voice mail messages, “social engineering,” interest-creating opening statements, questions, sales recommendations, commitments and more.

While many trainers tell you what you “should do” (you should get to the decision maker, you should create interest in your opening, etc.), Art shows you HOW TO, which is how we learn: by example.


Art's expertise is using the phone in the sales process. His programs are tactical along with the process needed to execute them. More specifically, his main programs are how to prospect successfully without "cold" calling, for both inside and outside sales pros, and comprehensive training programs covering every part of the sales process for inside reps. He also does programs on how to proactively handle incoming calls.

Course Length

Programs range from as short as a half day, up to a week. It's dependent upon what you want your program to accomplish, and your time availability. Also, in many cases reps all can't be off the phone at one time, so programs can be split with half the team attending in the morning and afternoon.

Every customized program is different, so let's talk about what you are looking for. Fill out the form below to have Art contact you, or call him personally.

Hybrid Live/Online Training

An alternative requiring a lesser investment than the customized onsite training, is a hybrid of online video instruction, with a live webinar component.

Your reps would go through one of our comprehensive online courses, and Art would conduct customized webinars for your team at whatever interval you deem appropriate. You still have the benefit of live training, along with the added flexibility and convenience of online training, meaning reps can consume the content from wherever they are, whenever they want. And they will have lifetime access to it for as long as they are with your company.

Contact Art to discuss your needs and he'll recommend the best type of program based on your situation.

Live Webinars

As a follow-up to either of the training options above, or as a standalone, Art will customize and deliver webinar training for your team. Again, these are customized, and he goes through the same needs-assessment process with you to customize and create these.

The programs are recorded and provided to you for your own unlimited delivery.

Follow-Up Options

In addition to the webinars, there are additional follow-up options:

Resource Materials- You can choose from the many audio, video, webinar, and text resource materials Art has available to reinforce the training, provide new skills, and supplement your own internal training.

Call Review and Coaching- Art will review recordings of your reps' actual calls, and provide coaching and training based on those calls. You can do this on a team, or individual basis.

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